Explore, Label, and Share Datasets with Atlas: A Web-Based Tool for Data Enthusiasts

Summary of my bookmarked videos and Github repositories from May 21st, 2023


  • ChatGPT and the Intelligence Explosion

    The video explores the concept of ChatGPT, a program that can write programs, and its potential for self-improvement. It discusses how ChatGPT can generate creative animations and contribute to the development of projects like Biomorphs 3D. The narrator highlights the limitations of current models like ChatGPT but also envisions a future where AI-powered agents could become more autonomous and act as fully automatic programmers. The idea of recursive self-improvement is introduced, suggesting that a future version of a self-improving language model could surpass human capabilities and trigger an intelligence explosion.

Github repositories

  • nomic-ai/nomic

    Atlas is a web-based tool that allows users to explore, label, search, and share large datasets. It provides a Python client for easy integration and offers example maps like a map of Twitter with 5.4 million tweets, a map of StableDiffusion Generations with 6.4 million images, and a map of NeurIPS Proceedings with 16,623 abstracts. To get started, install the Nomic client, log in or create an account, obtain an access token, and use the provided code to make your first map using random embeddings. For more advanced maps, refer to Atlas' documentation.

  • wbkd/react-flow

    React Flow is a powerful and customizable library for building graph-based editors in React. It offers seamless zooming, panning, and selection of graph elements, along with keyboard shortcuts. The library supports custom node and edge types, fast rendering by re-rendering only the changed nodes, and provides hooks and utility functions for easy handling of nodes and edges. React Flow is written in TypeScript and extensively tested with Cypress. It is available for both personal and commercial usage, with sponsorship options for organizations. The library is MIT licensed and relies on community support to continue development and maintenance.