Esoteric Javascript Dialect

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Feb 2nd, 2016

Github repositories

  • aemkei/jsfuck

    JSFuck is an esoteric and educational programming style that uses only six characters to write and execute JavaScript code. It can be run on Node.js and doesn't depend on a browser. The website provides a demo and examples of JSFuck code, as well as the basics of how it works. It explains how to represent various values and operations using a combination of brackets, plus signs, logical operators, and method access. The website also mentions alternative symbols and provides a list of available methods and properties.

  • peerlibrary/meteor-reactive-mongo

    The "reactive-mongo" package is a Meteor smart package that provides reactive server-side MongoDB queries. By adding this package to a Meteor application, all MongoDB queries become reactive by default. However, reactivity can be disabled for specific queries. The package also enables server-side autorun, which may affect existing non-reactive server-side code. The use of ordered and unordered cursors is discussed, with examples of how to specify the type of cursor for queries. Additionally, the package allows for reactive joins and provides options for using oplog instead of polling. The "reactive-mongo" package builds on the work of Diggory Blake.

  • malexandre/maybs-quit

    The "maybs-quit" package is a simple portage of the Maybs-Quit package from Sublime Text. It addresses the issue of accidentally quitting the application instead of closing a file due to the proximity of the "close file" and "quit" commands. By installing this package, the default keybinding for quitting the application is replaced by the Maybs-Quit menu, while the alternative method of using "alt + F4" to quit the application remains unchanged. You can install the package via "apm install maybs-quit" or find it in the Packages tab under settings.