Environment Control with Mycodo for a Mushroom Grow Box

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Aug 24th, 2022

Github repositories

  • kizniche/Mycodo

    Mycodo is an open-source software designed for the Raspberry Pi, enabling the coupling of inputs and outputs to sense and manipulate the environment. It offers features like sensor measurement recording, GPIO pin control, PID control, web interface access, customizable dashboards, alert notifications, camera integration, and more. Mycodo has been used for various projects such as mushroom cultivation, hydroponic systems, maintaining humidity levels, remote radiation monitoring, and cooking sous-vide. The software is easily installable on a Debian-based Linux operating system and supports multiple languages. It also provides extensive documentation, support, and a dedicated community.

  • keivan-amini/Automated-Grow-Box-for-mushrooms-project

    This blog post describes an automated grow box project for mushrooms, implemented using Arduino. The project was a collaboration between PLAM Creative Studio and Phylor, exhibited at the PoliPolo Fab Lab. The post provides an overview of the project, lists the required tools and components, and explains the electronic connections. It also includes the code for controlling the grow box. The author expresses gratitude to the collaborators and the professor who supported the project.