Enhance Your MacBook Experience with HapticKey: A Utility App for Touch Bar, Adding Haptic Feedback & More!

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Jan 9th, 2018

Github repositories

  • niw/HapticKey

    HapticKey is a utility application designed for MacBook with Touch Bar. It enhances the user experience by providing haptic feedback when tapping on the Touch Bar, which otherwise lacks physical feedback. This is particularly beneficial when using the ESC key, such as in Vim. The application offers additional features like sound effects or screen flashing. To use it, download the latest pre-built binary from the Releases page. Alternatively, you can build the application from the source code using Xcode. HapticKey utilizes CGEventTap and private APIs in MultitouchSupport.framework to trigger haptic feedback based on specific key events or taps on the Touch Bar. Custom event listeners can also be implemented.