Enhance User Experiences with EragonJ/Trip.js and timbrandin/blaze-react for using Blaze in React

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Nov 1st, 2015

Github repositories

  • EragonJ/Trip.js

    Trip.js is a versatile plugin that simplifies the creation of customized tutorial trips. With features like keyboard binding, animations, and theme changes, Trip.js offers flexibility for highly tailored tutorial experiences. It has been tested successfully on IE 9+, Chrome 32+, Firefox 32+, and Safari 9+. To get started, visit the website for setup, configuration, and API details. For development, use Node.js version 5.1.1 and npm version 2.15.6, and run "npm i" to install dependencies. The project is licensed under MIT, and support is appreciated via the author's bitcoin wallet.

  • timbrandin/blaze-react

    Blaze React is a Meteor package that provides React templates using a familiar Blaze API. It offers features such as helpers, events, onRendered, and onCreated, along with a subset of Spacebars. The integration of React allows for faster pageloads, SEO benefits, improved page rendering speed, and accessibility for non-JavaScript users. Although the project is still under development, it aims to support most of Blaze 1's features and Spacebars. Installation is simple with the command "meteor add timbrandin:blaze-react." The package includes transpilation as a Babel plugin, making it compatible with tools like babel-preset-react.