Enhance React Animation Efficiency with These Lightweight Libraries

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Mar 31st, 2017

Github repositories

  • gilbox/react-spark-scroll

    react-spark-scroll is a React port of spark-scroll, offering a new approach to animations inspired by react-motion. It focuses on pure functional elegance and eliminates animators and direct DOM manipulation. The repository has been recently updated with an experimental demo using this new approach. The old way might be deprecated in favor of the new approach. There are compatibility considerations and performance implications that still need to be explored. The library can be installed with npm, and it supports GSAP and Rekapi as animators.

  • chenglou/react-motion

    React-Motion is a library that provides an easy way to animate components in React. It eliminates the need for manually coding easing curves and durations by leveraging physics-based animations. By setting stiffness and damping values, you can achieve smooth and natural animations without worrying about interruptions. The library also offers a powerful API for React's TransitionGroup. It comes with various demos and supports both React and React-Native. With React-Motion, animating components becomes simpler and more efficient.

  • gilbox/react-track

    react-track is a library that allows you to track DOM elements in a functional and declarative way, primarily for animation-related tasks. It provides components like TrackDocument and Track for tracking specific elements or components. The library supports various tracking formulas that you can use to calculate and manipulate positions. However, it's worth noting that react-track doesn't currently support stateless functional components (SFCs). To track an SFC, you need to wrap it in a TrackedDiv component. The library also offers a TrackedDiv component for tracking div elements.