Enhance Postgres Dev with Linaria's Zero-Runtime CSS-in-JS & Postgres Language Server Features

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Aug 7th, 2023

Github repositories

  • callstack/linaria

    Linaria is a CSS-in-JS library that offers zero-runtime CSS extraction during build, enabling you to write CSS in JS with a familiar syntax. It supports dynamic prop-based styles using React bindings, utilizes CSS variables, and provides CSS sourcemaps for easy style tracking. Linaria works seamlessly with various frameworks and bundlers, with an option to integrate CSS preprocessors. It also supports atomic styles and provides integrations for webpack, Rollup, Vite, Preact, and Gatsby. Linaria can be used alongside other CSS-in-JS libraries and provides tools for theming, linting, and more.

  • supabase/postgres_lsp

    The Postgres Language Server is an ongoing project aimed at enhancing the developer experience within code editors when working with PostgreSQL. It implements the Language Server Protocol, offering features like semantic highlighting, syntax error diagnostics, auto-completion, and more. Unlike generic SQL language servers, this project focuses solely on Postgres, utilizing libpg_query to parse SQL code reliably. The aim is to overcome limitations in existing IDE support and become a comprehensive tool for the Postgres ecosystem. While still under development, this promising project aims to bring efficient Postgres development to code editors.