Enhance Meteor's Blaze Templating with Blaze Plus

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Sep 22nd, 2015

Github repositories

  • kadirahq/blaze-plus

    Blaze Plus (Blaze+) is an extension for Meteor's Blaze templating engine that enhances its functionality by adding props and state management. While passing data from top to bottom is a common pattern in React, it is considered an anti-pattern in Meteor due to excessive template re-renders. Blaze Plus solves this problem by allowing the use of props. By adding Blaze Plus to your Meteor project, you can pass data to templates as props, avoiding unnecessary re-renders. Additionally, Blaze Plus introduces state management using the "$" symbol. However, there are a few known issues, such as limitations on the types of props and potential re-renders within built-in functions like "#if" and "#each". You can find the Blaze Plus repository on GitHub for more details and examples.