Enhance Meteor Reactivity with Utility Libraries

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from May 11th, 2017

Github repositories

  • maxnowack/meteor-reactive-cache

    meteor-reactive-cache is a utility library that provides caching functionality for reactive data in Meteor applications. It offers three main components: ReactiveCache, DataCache, and reactiveField. ReactiveCache behaves similar to ReactiveDict but automatically deletes values when associated computations are stopped. DataCache allows you to cache data by resolving a key in a reactive context. Lastly, reactiveField provides a simpler API and supports multiple function parameters. The library is licensed under MIT and contributions are welcome. Max Nowack is the maintainer of meteor-reactive-cache.

  • maxnowack/react-tracker-connect

    react-tracker-connect is a performant tool that allows you to connect reactive data from Meteor with React components. It provides a convenient way to integrate reactive data into both component classes and stateless components. The connect decorator is used, which takes a function as its first argument to merge the reactive data with the current props. It also offers options for customization, such as comparing prop values, specifying allowed props, and extending the base component. The library is licensed under the MIT license and welcomes contributions from the community.