Enhance Meteor Builds with BuildInfo

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Jan 22nd, 2016

Github repositories

  • practicalmeteor/meteor-build-info

    The "practicalmeteor:build-info" is a Meteor build plugin that enhances a global object called BuildInfo. It adds fields like BuildInfo.buildNumber, which represents the CI build number or 0 if it doesn't exist. It checks for various environment variables such as BUILD_NUMBER, CI_BUILD_NUMBER, CIRCLE_BUILD_NUM, TRAVIS_BUILD_NUMBER, and DRONE_BUILD_NUMBER. Another field is BuildInfo.buildDate, which stores the date and time of the Meteor app's build. Additionally, any data found in build-info.json is included in BuildInfo. To use it, create a build-info.json file in your Meteor app's root, containing desired data. The plugin's roadmap includes placeholder substitutions and more git, GitHub, and CI-related properties. The license is MIT.