Enhance Meteor Apps with Real-time WebRTC and Client-Side Event Logging

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Apr 7th, 2015

Github repositories

  • alanning/meteor-trace

    "meteor-trace" is a useful tool for logging client-side Meteor collection and template events to the browser console. By installing the package and enabling tracing, you can monitor events such as collection updates and template creations, destructions, and renderings. The console will display a detailed output of the traced events, including information about collection changes and additions. This tool provides valuable insights for debugging and understanding the flow of events in your Meteor application.

  • foxdog-studios/meteor-webrtc

    meteor-webrtc is a WebRTC signaling package specifically designed for Meteor with Reactivity. It allows real-time communication between clients by establishing peer-to-peer connections. The package provides server and client code snippets to set up signaling channels, configure media settings, and create the rtcPeerConnection. A demo application showcasing its usage is available in the example directory. With meteor-webrtc, developers can easily incorporate WebRTC functionality into their Meteor applications.