Enhance Meteor and React Development with Timesync and Reactide IDE

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Mar 30th, 2017

Github repositories

  • Meteor-Community-Packages/meteor-timesync

    The `meteor-timesync` package enables NTP-style time synchronization between the server and client in Meteor applications. It computes and maintains the time offset between the server and client, allowing server timestamps to be used on the client side. It offers various functions such as retrieving the server time for a given client time, determining the current time difference between the server and client, and measuring the round trip ping to the server. Additionally, it provides a reactive variable for tracking the synchronization status. While it's not as accurate as NTP, it has been shown to be precise within 100 ms on meteor.com servers. Consider using the moment library for formatting and displaying time differences.

  • reactide/reactide

    Reactide is a dedicated IDE for React web application development. It offers a cross-platform desktop application with a simulator for live reloading and quick React component prototyping. With an integrated suite of development tools, developers can streamline their React development process by eliminating the need to switch between the browser, IDE, and server. Reactide includes features like state flow visualization through a dynamic component tree, an integrated terminal for powerful commands and workflows, and compatibility with Create React App for faster project setup. The IDE can be set up as a native desktop app or in developer mode.