Enhance macOS Multitasking with PiP: Picture in Picture Tool for Window Previews, AirPlay Support, and More!

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Sep 12th, 2018

Github repositories

  • amitv87/PiP

    macOS Picture in Picture is a versatile tool that brings a Windows-like "Always on top" window preview to macOS. With support for AirPlay receiver (disable the built-in option in system preferences), it offers features like cloning any visible window, cropping the preview, auto and manual resize, and transparency control. The application is a nibless cocoa app with an OpenGL/Metal renderer and a CoreGraphics-based capturer. It doesn't rely on third-party dependencies and utilizes a private framework for native picture-in-picture support. It also allows multiple window previews and up to 10 parallel airplay sessions. Installation can be done manually, via Homebrew, or by building from source.