Enhance Data Transformation in Your Meteor App

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Jun 1st, 2015

Github repositories

  • maximummeteor/server-transform

    The Meteor serverside transform package is a useful tool for transforming documents during the publish process. By adding the package to your Meteor project and configuring the transformations, you can modify and enhance the data before it is sent to the client. The package allows you to add custom properties or manipulate existing ones. It also supports transforming cursors and publishing multiple cursors. To apply the transformations, use the `Meteor.publishTransformed` method. Alternatively, you can perform local transformations by calling the `serverTransform` method directly on a cursor. This package provides flexibility and control over data transformation in your Meteor application.

  • peerlibrary/meteor-server-autorun

    The "server-autorun" Meteor smart package enhances server-side reactivity in Meteor applications by providing a fully reactive server-side Tracker.autorun. Unlike the official support for Tracker.autorun on the server, this package overcomes limitations and works seamlessly with fibers-enabled synchronous code. By using this implementation, you can share the same code between the client and server effectively. To integrate this package into your Meteor application, simply add "peerlibrary:server-autorun" using the Meteor package manager. This package builds upon related packages like "peerlibrary:reactive-mongo" and "peerlibrary:reactive-publish." It is based on the initial implementation by Diggory Blake.