Enable Mac-Style Shortcut Keys on Linux and Windows with Kinto.sh and AutoHotkey

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Mar 17th, 2021

Github repositories

  • rbreaves/kinto

    Kinto.sh is a GitHub project that offers Mac-style shortcut keys for Linux and Windows operating systems. It enables seamless copy and paste functionality across various applications and terminals. The latest release, version 1.2, includes a system tray and a simple wizard for easy installation. Kinto is powered by xkeysnail for Linux and Autohotkey for Windows 10 and 11. It also provides experimental support for VNC on Linux. If you're interested in supporting this project, donations are appreciated. Installation instructions for Linux and Windows can be found on the website.

  • stroebjo/autohotkey-windows-mac-keyboard

    The "Use Mac keyboard with AutoHotkey under Windows" guide provides an AutoHotkey configuration file that enables Mac keyboard shortcuts to function on Windows systems. The file has been tested with a German keyboard layout but should be compatible with other layouts as well. To ensure compatibility with applications running with admin permissions, users can refer to a related question on StackOverflow. The installation process involves installing AutoHotkey, running the provided MacKeyboard.ahk file, and placing it or a shortcut in the Autostart folder for automatic startup.