Emulator for iPhone OS Apps & Enhancing Copy-Paste in Chrome

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Mar 9th, 2024

Github repositories

  • touchHLE/touchHLE

    touchHLE: High-Level Emulator for iPhone OS AppstouchHLE is a Rust-based high-level emulator for iPhone OS apps, compatible with x64 Windows, x64 macOS, and AArch64 Android. Unlike low-level emulation, touchHLE replaces iPhone OS, offering its own implementations of system frameworks. The focus is on running early iOS games, supporting iPhone OS 2.x to 3.0 with future plans for iOS 4.x. Contributions to the app compatibility database are welcome. Notably, touchHLE is not affiliated with Apple Inc. and should only be used with legally obtained software. The project, initiated in December 2022, encourages contributions and provides platform-specific usage instructions.

  • aaronraimist/DontFuckWithPaste

    "Don't F**k With Paste" is a straightforward Google Chrome extension designed to eliminate copy and paste restrictions on web applications. The latest Version 2 upgrade enhances user control, ensuring the extension operates only on problematic sites. While seeking tabs permission for optimal functionality, the open-source nature assures transparency and privacy. Get the extension for seamless copying and pasting.Link to the Chrome Web Store