Effortlessly Manipulate macOS Spaces and Simplify Array Sorting with These Command-line Tools

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Jun 15th, 2015

Github repositories

  • shabble/osx-space-id

    Command-line OSX Spaces Manipulation Tool is a utility that allows you to manipulate virtual desktops in macOS from the command line. It provides information about the current space you're on and enables programmatically switching spaces. The tool uses Carbon API calls to retrieve the window handle of the currently focused app and fetches its workspace ID. You can download and install the compiled binary, or compile it yourself using the provided instructions. The tool supports various options, including animating space transitions, retrieving space dimensions, and setting the current space. However, it relies on undocumented API calls, so its compatibility with future macOS versions is not guaranteed.

  • Teun/thenBy.js

    thenBy.js is a JavaScript micro library that simplifies sorting arrays based on multiple keys. It provides a convenient way to use the native `Array::sort()` method in JavaScript by allowing you to pass in multiple sorting functions using the `firstBy().thenBy().thenBy()` syntax. You can sort by property names or unary functions, and there are additional options available such as sorting in descending order, case-insensitive sorting, custom compare functions, and internationalization support using JavaScript's native `Intl.Collator`. The library is easy to install either in your HTML or through npm or yarn.