Effortlessly Enhance List Performance with react-virtualized-listview

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Oct 22nd, 2019

Github repositories

  • nishanbajracharya/react-virtualized-listview

    react-virtualized-listview is a straightforward virtualized listview library inspired by react-virtualized. To incorporate it into your project, start by installing it with npm. It's important to note that this library is independent of react-virtualized. Once installed, import the package and use it in your project. The library provides several essential props such as source, rowHeight, overScanCount, and renderItem. The renderItem prop allows you to define a function for rendering each row, with the index and style parameters. In the next release, the library aims to expose internal components, add scroll persistence, and more. You can contribute by opening an issue or sending a pull request to the project's repository, which is licensed under MIT.