Effortless React List Virtualization & GitHub Workflow Control with React RenderIfVisible and gh-action-mutex

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Jan 18th, 2023

Github repositories

  • NightCafeStudio/react-render-if-visible

    React RenderIfVisible is a lightweight React component that utilizes Intersection Observers for simple list virtualization. Unlike other virtualization libraries, it doesn't require extensive code changes and can be easily integrated in about a minute. It works well with various scenarios, including responsive item heights, non-flat lists, and responsive grids. The component is decoupled from infinite-scroll or pagination and supports any DOM nesting structure. It is a compact solution with only ~100 lines of code and has no external dependencies except React. Version 2 introduces compatibility with React 17 and 18, along with additional props for customization. Overall, it has been successfully used in production for almost 2 years on NightCafe Creator.

  • ben-z/gh-action-mutex

    gh-action-mutex is a GitHub Action that provides a simple locking mechanism to ensure mutual exclusion in GitHub Actions workflows. It allows you to prevent concurrent access to a job by using mutexes. The action uses spinlocks implemented with Git's test-and-set functionality to ensure exclusive access. By default, the action uses the gh-mutex branch in the current repository to store the state of locks. However, you can specify a different branch to have multiple mutexes. This action addresses the limitation of GitHub's concurrency option and allows for more control over job execution.