Effortless Meteor App Testing and Deployment with Spaceshow and meteor-now

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Feb 16th, 2018

Github repositories

  • maxnowack/spaceshow

    Spaceshow is a convenient wrapper that facilitates testing Meteor applications using Puppeteer. To install it, use the command "npm install --save spaceshow." Once installed, you can import Spaceshow and create an instance with specific settings. The library allows you to control the Meteor app's directory, port, settings, arguments, and Puppeteer options. You can perform various commands, such as waiting for a selector, evaluating JavaScript on the page, and closing the page. Additionally, Spaceshow provides event handlers for logging Meteor output. The project is licensed under MIT and maintained by Max Nowack. Contributions are encouraged.

  • jkrup/meteor-now

    meteor-now is a tool for deploying Meteor apps using ZEIT's ▲now service. It is no longer actively maintained, and users are encouraged to switch to meteor-hero for free Meteor deploys with Heroku. The tool allows instant deployment of Meteor apps with a single command. To use meteor-now, install the required packages, create a now account, and run the deployment command in the app directory. Additional instructions are provided for deploying in development/testing and production environments. The tool supports MongoDB integration and the use of METEOR_SETTINGS for deployment customization.