Effortless Horizontal Slide Transitions for React Views with Minimal Package Size and Wide Adoption

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Jul 26th, 2017

Github repositories

  • jcoreio/react-view-slider

    react-view-slider is a library that provides horizontal slide transitions between steps of a form or levels of a drilldown, acting as an alternative to carousels. It allows you to render views based on the active index and provides transition states for each view. The library offers various props such as rendering functions, the number of views, spacing between views, right-to-left layout support, animation options, and more. There's also a wrapper component called SimpleViewSlider that simplifies the usage by taking a single child element and handling transitions based on its key.

  • oliviertassinari/react-swipeable-views

    react-swipeable-views is a React component designed for swipeable views. It offers support for mobile devices and provides a small package size (<10 kB gzipped). The component renders the first slide quickly and lazy-loads the rest. It can be easily installed via npm and used in both browser and native environments. The library has been adopted by various projects, including Doctolib, Mastodon, Material-UI, Tinder, and Uber. react-swipeable-views is licensed under the MIT license.