Efficiently Manage Immutable Data and Network Locations

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Feb 19th, 2017

Github repositories

  • immutable-js/immutable-js

    Immutable.js is a library for JavaScript that provides immutable data structures. Immutable data cannot be changed once created, which simplifies application development and enables advanced memoization and change detection techniques. The library offers persistent immutable data structures such as List, Stack, Map, OrderedMap, Set, OrderedSet, and Record. It also provides a lazy Seq for efficient chaining of collection methods. Immutable.js can be installed using npm or yarn and has no dependencies. It's designed to work well with modern JavaScript VMs and can be used in both browser and server-side environments.

  • eprev/locationchanger

    Location Changer is a useful tool for Mac users that automatically switches the network location based on the connected Wi-Fi network and runs custom scripts. By naming network locations after Wi-Fi networks, the tool can switch to the appropriate location when connecting. Scripts can be placed in the ~/.locations directory and named after Wi-Fi networks to execute specific actions upon connection. Additionally, users can share one network location across different wireless networks using a configuration file. Troubleshooting is made easier with extensive log file information.