Efficient Real-Time WebGL Gaussian Splat Viewer for Photorealistic 3D Scenes

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Oct 4th, 2023

Github repositories

  • antimatter15/splat

    The "WebGL Gaussian Splat Viewer" is a real-time renderer for 3D Gaussian Splatting, a technique that transforms a set of images into a photorealistic 3D scene. It's optimized for efficiency on standard graphics hardware. The viewer offers various controls for movement, camera angles, and interactions, making it user-friendly. The implementation uses WebGL 1.0 and doesn't require external dependencies. It asynchronously sorts splats to enhance rendering performance. While it doesn't support view-dependent shading effects, it excels at rendering translucent 3D blobs efficiently, making it a valuable tool for exploring 3D scenes generated with Gaussian Splatting.