Efficient Node.js Logging with Pino: Lightweight, Fast, and Feature-Packed

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Nov 21st, 2016

Github repositories

  • pinojs/pino

    Pino is a lightweight Node.js logger that offers minimal overhead. It provides various features such as asynchronous logging, redaction, and pretty printing. Pino can be easily installed using npm or yarn. With a simple syntax, you can log messages and create child loggers. Additionally, Pino integrates well with popular web frameworks like Fastify, Express, Hapi, Restify, Koa, and Nest. It emphasizes low overhead and efficient resource usage, making it faster than many alternatives. Pino also supports bundling with tools like webpack or esbuild. The project is open source, with contributions encouraged from individuals. Pino is licensed under MIT.