Efficient Git Branching Strategy, Copilot Insights and Fullstack Setup

Summary of my bookmarked links from Jul 27th, 2022


  • Better Git branching strategy — Multi-apps, monorepos and multiple teams in focus — SimGit Flow.

    The SimGit Flow is a branching strategy that evolved over time and proved efficient for multiple teams working on the same repository. It offers a set of core principles, including using the master branch as the source of truth, employing prefixes and descriptive names for branches, implementing proper versioning, and automating branch creation and merging. The strategy enables easy creation and testing of releases, supports multiple teams working on different apps simultaneously, and encourages testing before merging. While it has advantages such as simplified branch management and reduced cognitive overhead, it requires careful synchronization and versioning. The strategy can be particularly useful for monorepos and teams with different delivery schedules.

  • Copilot is NOT worth $10 a Month

    GitHub Copilot, the code completion tool from GitHub, has been publicly released. While it may initially feel gimmicky, it can generate reasonable code, although not always in the desired approach. It tends to struggle with unusual tasks but works well for larger projects. However, over time, it may make developers lazy and introduce harmful bugs. It requires careful code review. On the positive side, it speeds up writing boilerplate code and helps with syntax recall. The Copilot Labs features, such as code translation, are still buggy. Despite its benefits, the $10 monthly fee is considered steep, and the tool may not be worth it yet.

  • Fullstack Developer Setup 2022

    The author, Andre Biel, shares insights into his setup for maximizing productivity. He describes his hardware, consisting of a MacMini and a MacBook Pro, along with two ZSA Moonlander keyboards and an Apple trackpad. Two screens, an LG 5k display and either the MacBook screen or another LG 4k display, are used. Biel also highlights his preferred software tools, including Chrome and Safari browsers, Todoist for tasks, Fantastical for the calendar, and Spark for email. He discusses using Neovim as his code editor and iTerm2 as his terminal, emphasizing customization and efficiency. Biel employs Amethyst for window management and the ZSA Moonlander keyboard with layers for increased functionality.