Drag-and-Drop and JavaScript Neural Networks

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Apr 14th, 2015

Github repositories

  • bevacqua/dragula

    Dragula is a drag and drop library that is easy to set up and has excellent browser and framework support. It offers features like automatic sort order, visual feedback with a shadow, touch events, and seamless handling of clicks. You can install it via npm or use it from a CDN. The library provides a simple API for implementing drag and drop functionality in your applications. It supports both vanilla JavaScript and popular frameworks like Angular and React. Dragula offers various options to customize its behavior, such as container definitions, movement rules, and copy behavior. It also provides events for tracking drag and drop actions. The library is released under the MIT license.

  • harthur/brain

    This website provides information about the brain.js library, a JavaScript neural network library. It offers an example of using the library to approximate the XOR function and provides guidance on how to train a neural network to recognize color contrast. The website also explains the usage of brain.js in both Node.js and browser environments, and it provides details on training options, data formats, and output. Additionally, it mentions the availability of JSON serialization and deserialization, as well as the option to create custom standalone functions. The website also briefly mentions the use of hidden layers and training with streams. However, the project is no longer actively developed, and it suggests using other JavaScript neural network libraries like brain.js and convnetjs instead.