Downscaling of Climate Data & AI Image Upscaling

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Apr 1st, 2024

Github repositories

  • ArcticSnow/TopoPyScale

    TopoPyScale is a Python library for downscaling climate data to hillslope scale, based on the TopoSCALE method. It allows users to compute derived values from digital elevation models (DEMs), perform clustering, and interpolate data. Outputs are available in various formats, including Cryogrid and Snowmodel formats. The toolset includes validation to local observations and gap-filling algorithms. Installation is facilitated through conda or pip, and usage involves configuring parameters and running the library's functions. It requires DEMs in GeoTIFF and climate data in netCDF format.

  • upscayl/upscayl

    Upscayl v2.9.9 is released, offering a free and open-source AI image upscaling tool. It enlarges and enhances low-res images with advanced algorithms. It's cross-platform, but requires a Vulkan-compatible GPU. Installation methods vary by OS. It employs Real-ESRGAN and Vulkan architecture, with a CLI tool available. Contributions are welcome via PRs or donations. Remember, it's not for de-blurring or focus adjustment. Check the compatibility list and FAQ for details. Development progress can be tracked on GitHub.