Docker Alternatives and Documentation as Code

Summary of my bookmarked links from Oct 2nd, 2022


  • Dethroning Docker — The New Stack (podman, buildah, skopeo)

    Docker, known for revolutionizing application development and management, may face competition from emerging tools such as Podman, Buildah, and Skopeo. Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Beta release includes these tools in its default repositories, marking a significant step towards their adoption and maturity. Podman, a lightweight alternative to Docker, operates in a daemonless and rootless mode, simplifying container management and enhancing security. Buildah enables hassle-free building of OCI compliant images, while Skopeo complements Podman and Buildah by providing image inspection, movement, encryption, and signing capabilities. As these tools continue to evolve, they offer viable alternatives to Docker, driving increased stability and feature enhancements.

  • Solution Architecture: Docs-as-code

    To improve knowledge management, it is important to focus on people and process rather than just tools and technology. Team cohesion and effective communication are crucial, along with identifying content editors and defining a lightweight process. It is recommended to evaluate existing investments, such as a DevOps toolchain, which can provide content authoring, approval workflows, and quality control. By leveraging a DevOps toolchain, content can be published to a static site. The authoring workflow involves creating a local branch, using an IDE like VSCode for markdown files, and submitting changes through a pull request. Automated pipelines and approval gates can be used for quality checks. The key is to address the people and process elements and gradually enhance the system over time.