Discover SDKs and Frameworks for Efficient Full-Stack Development with Valkyr, Voby, and Signals

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Jul 11th, 2023

Github repositories

  • valkyrjs/valkyr

    Valkyr is an SDK that provides a set of TypeScript and JavaScript tools and libraries for developing full-stack software applications.

  • vobyjs/voby

    Voby is a high-performance framework for building rich applications. It offers fine-grained observable/signal-based reactivity and features similar to Solid. Unlike other frameworks, Voby does not use a virtual DOM (VDOM) and directly deals with raw DOM nodes. It eliminates the need for stale closures, rules of hooks, dependencies arrays, props diffing, and key props. Voby does not require Babel and allows you to write plain JavaScript or JSX. It focuses on local-first rich applications and is based on an observable-based reactivity system. The framework is still a work in progress and is designed for great performance. It offers various demos and benchmarks for reference.

  • maverick-js/signals

    The Signals library is a lightweight reactivity API designed to be used with UI libraries. With a size of only around 1kB (minzipped), it provides reactive observables called signals that can store state, create computed properties, and subscribe to updates. The library offers features such as lazy computation, batched updates, and strong typing with TypeScript. It works in both browsers and Node.js environments, and supports various types of data. Signals follows the principle of minimizing unnecessary work and putting the burden of computation on the library rather than the developer.