Discover Scanline: A Versatile MacOS X Scanning Utility for Efficient Document Processing and Automation

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Jan 9th, 2017

Github repositories

  • klep/scanline

    scanline is a versatile command-line scanning utility designed for MacOS X. Originally developed for a personal archiving system, it enables efficient scanning of various documents by providing a command prompt interface. With scanline, you can automate scanning tasks, process document batches, utilize document feeders or flatbeds, and choose from different formats, sizes, and modes. The utility allows customization through a configuration file and supports default settings. To explore its full range of options, refer to the provided example command lines. Additionally, you can download the installer from the GitHub repository or build your own using the instructions provided. Moreover, scanline offers libscanline, a macOS framework that separates core functionality from the command line interface, allowing it to be embedded in other applications. Contributions and feedback are welcomed by the author and maintainer of scanline.