Discover Powerful Tools for Meteor Slack Logs and Dive into an Intriguing Meta-JavaScript Adventure Game

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Jan 7th, 2016

Github repositories

  • Astrocoders/meteor-slack-logs

    Slack Log is a useful tool that allows you to send client and server logs to your Slack channel. By adding it to your project with Meteor packages system, you can quickly stay informed about the activities in your Meteor application. It also offers the bonus feature of automatically logging exceptions on both the client and server sides. To configure the tool, you need to obtain a Slack webhook URL and specify your settings in the "settings.json" file. Additionally, you can blacklist specific messages and send custom logs with different colors. The tool is inspired by clionelabs/meteor-slacklog and is available under the MIT license.

  • AlexNisnevich/untrusted

    "Untrusted" is an intriguing Meta-JavaScript Adventure Game where you navigate as Dr. Eval through a mysterious MACHINE CONTINUUM. Armed with JavaScript, you must manipulate the game's code to shape your reality and set Dr. Eval free. Each level presents a roguelike-like environment and a console window with the JavaScript code generating the level. The challenge lies in using the limited tools available to unlock the next level. To play locally, set up a local server and follow the provided instructions. The game is licensed under Creative Commons, allowing modification and non-commercial use with proper attribution.