Discover 9 Under-the-Radar React Libraries That Are Revolutionizing Development

Summary of my bookmarked links from Jul 23rd, 2022


  • 9 Disruptive React Libraries Nobody’s Talking About

    React is a beloved JavaScript library, and this article introduces nine game-changing React libraries that can enhance developers' lives. The first library is Sweet Alert, which provides beautiful replacements for success, error, and warning messages. React Query allows developers to recover, cache, and update data effortlessly without managing global state. React Hot Toast offers lightweight and customizable notifications. React Skeleton creates animated skeleton screen components for better user experience. React Hook Form reduces code and improves performance in form creation. React Motion solves animation problems and simplifies the API. React Infinite Scroller enables infinite content loading with support for grid and list items. React Auto Suggest provides an auto-suggest option with accessibility and mobile-friendliness. React spinners offer a collection of loading spinners with customizable properties.