Declarative REST API Data Loading

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Feb 26th, 2017

Github repositories

  • tonyhb/tectonic

    Tectonic is a powerful tool that offers declarative data loading for REST APIs. It allows you to query data through your existing REST API using adaptable query drivers. Tectonic automatically stores state and data within Redux reducers, manages caching, and passes fetched data and loading state into your components. With Tectonic, you no longer need to define actions for loading data or write reducers manually. It handles data normalization and provides loading statuses and error messages. The tool also supports automatic caching based on server cache headers and deduplicates requests for the same data. Tectonic requires defining API endpoints and their parameters as sources. It integrates with React components using the `@load` decorator and provides CRUD functionality through the `query` function. Check out the documentation for more details. The tool is licensed under MIT.