DDP Communication, ProseMirror for Meteor and CircleCI Autoreleases

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from May 24th, 2016

Github repositories

  • RocketChat/meteor-streamer

    RocketChat:Streamer is a package that enables two-way communication over DDP (Distributed Data Protocol) with improved performance. To install it, simply add "rocketchat:streamer" to your Meteor project. The package provides documentation for reference. It has undergone several updates, including bug fixes and enhancements. Notably, version 1.0.2 addressed the usage of "super" for calling parent classes in the Edge browser. Overall, RocketChat:Streamer offers a streamlined solution for efficient DDP communication.

  • prosemeteor/prosemirror

    CircleCI is a package called ProseMeteor, which combines ProseMirror and Meteor.js. It aims to provide real-time collaborative WYSIWYG editing. While still in development and locked into ProseMirror 0.7.0, it offers a demo application for testing and example documents.

  • CureApp/node-circleci-autorelease

    node-circleci-autorelease is a library for automating the release process of Node.js packages. However, it is no longer maintained. The library allows you to create tags, generate release files, and perform various tasks related to package releases. It integrates with CircleCI and uses Git commits to create tags. The library provides configuration files and hooks for customization. It also supports version bumping tools and can publish packages to npm. Please note that this library is no longer actively developed or supported.