DDP Authentication & Client

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from May 26th, 2016

Github repositories

  • vsivsi/ddp-login

    ddp-login is a npm package designed to facilitate programmatic authentication with a Meteor server using the DDP protocol. It offers a JavaScript API and a command-line tool for authentication. The package allows users to prompt for login credentials, authenticate the DDP connection, and securely cache the resulting authentication token. It supports various login methods, including email, username, account, and token. ddp-login emphasizes the importance of using SSL encrypted DDP connections for secure authentication requests, especially when traversing untrusted networks. The package provides installation instructions and usage examples for both shell scripts and node.js programs. Note that ddp-login is entering maintenance mode and will no longer receive new features or general support, but high-quality pull requests will still be considered.

  • oortcloud/node-ddp-client

    Node DDP Client is a callback-style DDP (Distributed Data Protocol) client for Node.js. It supports version 1 of DDP, as well as fallbacks to pre1 and pre2. The client provides authentication support through the vsivsi/ddp-login package since built-in authentication was removed in ddp 0.7.0. It offers features like connecting to a Meteor server, calling Meteor methods, subscribing to collections, observing collections, and more. The useSockJs option allows establishing a WebSocket connection using the SockJs protocol, enabling benefits like load balancing and service discovery with meteorhacks:cluster. Note that ordered collections are not implemented in this client.