Date Parsing and Template Parsing in Meteor

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Jul 2nd, 2015

Github repositories

  • ccorcos/meteor-date-parser

    The Semantic Data Parser is a package that converts semantic date strings into Moment data objects. It supports the American date format (Month/Day) and provides a demo for testing. To get started, add the package to your Meteor project and use the `parseDate` function to convert your date string. If the parsing is successful, you will receive a Moment object; otherwise, it will return undefined. The parser combines different date specifications and infers missing information, such as automatically selecting the next upcoming year for a date without a year specified. It also cleans and tokenizes the input string before parsing it using Moment.js strict formats.

  • ccorcos/meteor-template-parser

    The Template-based Regex Parser is a library that simplifies data extraction from unstructured text using templates. It suggests using regular expressions for parsing poorly formatted XHTML, as they are robust and easy to fix. To get started, add the library to your Meteor project and familiarize yourself with Ramda.js and Coffeescript. The parser allows you to define templates using handlebars syntax, where you can use regex strings or functions. Templates can include built-in regular expressions for handling formatting issues. The compiled template is then matched against the HTML, and the results are generated based on the defined template.