Cultivating and Breeding Yeast Strains

Summary of my bookmarked links and videos from Mar 13th, 2023


  • Reinzucht und Kultivierung von Hefestämmen

    This website provides a guide for homebrewers on cultivating their own yeast strains for brewing beer. It explains the process of isolating, propagating, and maintaining a pure yeast culture using agar plates as a growth medium. The article lists the required equipment and optional chemicals for the process and offers tips on where to source them. The website emphasizes the economic benefits and control over yeast quality that come with maintaining a personal yeast culture. The guide also includes instructions for preparing the agar medium and cultivating yeast on agar plates.


  • Mission Impossible Theme Song (Flute Cover)

    Experience the thrill of the "Mission Impossible" theme like never before in this remarkable flute cover. With impressive skill and finesse, the musician breathes new life into the familiar tune, captivating listeners in a captivating three-minute performance.