Cross-Platform Audio Recording and alexa-voice-service.js

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Oct 19th, 2017

Github repositories

  • ashishbajaj99/mic

    The "mic" module is a cross-platform library that serves as a simple stream wrapper for recording audio. It supports arecord on Linux (including Raspbian) and sox on Mac/Windows. The module provides a Mic object with a flexible API for controlling functionality like start, stop, pause, and resume. It also offers access to the audioStream object, which triggers evented notifications such as 'startComplete', 'stopComplete', 'pauseComplete', 'resumeComplete', 'silence', and 'processExitComplete'. The library requires the installation of sox (Mac/Windows) or ALSA tools (Linux). The example code demonstrates how to use the module and provides various functions for controlling the recording process. The output file can be played back using specific commands. The module is released under the MIT License.

  • miguelmota/alexa-voice-service.js

    alexa-voice-service.js is a library that allows browser-based interaction with Alexa Voice Service (AVS). It provides various functionalities such as logging in with Amazon, accessing tokens, requesting user microphone, recording and sending audio to AVS, parsing AVS responses, and playing MP3 responses. The library supports mono channel audio recording with specific sample rate and encoding required by AVS. A demo of the library can be found at the provided URL, and installation instructions and documentation are available in the repository. The library is released under the MIT license.