Create Stunning Animations with Lottie: A Mobile Library for Web, Android, iOS, React Native, and Windows

Summary of my bookmarked videos and Github repositories from Dec 27th, 2022


  • Giftpilze im Winter ☠ Austernpilze, Judasohren, Enoki´s und ihre gefährlichen Verwechslungspartner

    In this winter mushroom video, the hosts discuss edible mushrooms of the season and their dangerous look-alikes. They focus on distinguishing features to watch out for while foraging. Some edible species mentioned include the violet Cortinarius, lavender-colored Cortinarius, and purple-stemmed Cortinarius. They emphasize the importance of recognizing gilled attachment, smell, and taste when identifying these mushrooms. The video also briefly covers the oyster mushroom and its edible counterparts. Overall, the hosts provide useful information to help viewers differentiate between edible and poisonous winter mushrooms.

Github repositories

  • airbnb/lottie-web

    Lottie is a mobile library that enables designers to create and deliver stunning animations without the need for manual coding. It supports various platforms like Web, Android, iOS, React Native, and Windows. Lottie parses Adobe After Effects animations exported as JSON using Bodymovin and renders them natively on mobile devices. The library provides extensive documentation, FAQs, examples, and more on the official website. Installation can be done through different options, including downloading from aescripts + aeplugins or the Adobe Store, or manually extracting the ZIP from the repository. Lottie offers powerful animation control methods and supports features like masks, time remapping, shapes, and expressions.