Create Low-Cost KVM Over IP, Librelancer, and BrightXDR Solutions

Summary of my bookmarked links and Github repositories from Oct 6th, 2023


  • TinyPilot: Build a KVM Over IP for Under $100

    TinyPilot is an open-source device that allows remote control of computers, including during the boot process. This blog post documents the author's journey in creating TinyPilot, which can be built for under $100 using a Raspberry Pi. The solution eliminates the need for physical access to servers, making it especially useful for managing headless machines. The article discusses hardware components, software installation, and achieving low latency for video streaming. Ultimately, TinyPilot enables users to manage their servers conveniently via a web interface, reducing the hassle of physically connecting cables.

Github repositories

  • Librelancer/Librelancer

    Librelancer is a C# and OpenGL re-implementation of the 2003 Space Game Freelancer, compatible with Windows and Linux (macOS pending). It welcomes Pull Requests and offers support through Patreon. The project requires a GPU capable of OpenGL 3.1+ and a Freelancer installation. Building on Windows involves Visual Studio 2022 with .NET 7.0 SDK and CMake, while Linux requires various dependencies. Screenshots are available at, and compiled binaries can be downloaded from

  • starkdmi/BrightXDR

    BrightXDR is a free and open-source macOS application that enhances display content to XDR/HDR extra brightness. It's a cost-effective alternative to paid apps, delivering a brighter display experience. The app uses MetalKit to overlay CIImages with transparent colors in the EDR color space, improving display windows with color blending filters. Note that it's compatible with Apple MacBook Pro (14" or 16") and Apple Pro Display XDR. However, there are some limitations when using Mission Control & Spaces, and it offers articles and videos for those interested in its underlying technologies. Consider it alongside alternatives like Vivid, Lunar, BetterDisplay, and TotalXDR.