Create Interactive Diagrams Easily with Mermaid

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Jun 9th, 2022

Github repositories

  • mermaid-js/mermaid

    Mermaid is a JavaScript-based tool that allows you to generate diagrams and charts from text written in a Markdown-like format. It aims to bridge the gap between documentation and development by providing an easy way to create and modify complex diagrams. Mermaid can be used by both programmers and non-programmers, and it offers a live editor for creating detailed diagrams. The tool has won the JS Open Source Awards in 2019 and offers extensive documentation, tutorials, and real-world examples. It can be integrated with various applications, including GitHub.

  • mermaid-js/mermaid-live-editor

    The Mermaid Live Editor is a powerful tool for creating and sharing interactive charts and diagrams. With features like real-time editing and previewing, you can easily create flowcharts, sequence diagrams, and gantt diagrams. You can save your creations as SVG files and generate links to share them with others. The tool also supports Docker for easy deployment and configuration options for rendering services. If you're interested in contributing, join the Slack channel and contact knsv to speed up the progress.