Create CSS Animation Movies with Scene.js

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Dec 10th, 2021

Github repositories

  • daybrush/scenejs-render

    Scene.js Render is a powerful tool that enables you to create movies of CSS animations. It provides both Node and browser support for recording and processing videos or audio files. In Node, you can use the npm package "@scenejs/render" to capture and generate video files programmatically. For browser usage, you can utilize the module "@scenejs/recorder" along with Scene.js to manually specify the capture method and create video files. Note that browser usage requires hosting your own server with specific headers for compatibility. The project is open source under the MIT license, and contributions are welcome.

  • meg768/rpi-ws281x

    rpi-ws281x is an npm module that enables the connection of a Raspberry Pi to Neopixel strips. It utilizes the library developed by jgarff. The module offers methods such as configure(), render(), reset(), and sleep(ms). The configure() method must be called first to set up the strip, followed by render() to display the specified color values on the strip. Examples provided demonstrate filling the strip with a color, walking a pixel through the strip, and walking a pixel with pixel mapping. The module simplifies the process of controlling Neopixel strips with Raspberry Pi.