Convert CoffeeScript to JavaScript with Decaffeinate, a Stable and Easy-to-Use Tool

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Sep 21st, 2016

Github repositories

  • joshwcomeau/key-and-pad

    Key&Pad is a Web Audio experiment built with React and Redux. It features a keyboard-controlled synthesizer and a mouse-controlled X/Y pad. The project utilizes the Web Audio API and a custom-built reconciler, inspired by React, to update the Web Audio nodes based on changes in the Redux store. The synthesizer allows for the creation of music by generating oscillators and effects. Additionally, Key&Pad was developed alongside Redux VCR, a devtool that records user sessions, enabling developers to replay and analyze interactions with the synthesizer. The project acknowledges the usefulness of Tuna.js and Soundbank for working with Web Audio.

  • decaffeinate/decaffeinate

    Decaffeinate is a tool that helps convert CoffeeScript source code to modern JavaScript. By using decaffeinate, you can transition from CoffeeScript to JavaScript easily. It offers installation instructions for both yarn and npm. You can convert individual files or entire directories, and there's also an online REPL available for quick code pasting and output visualization. The tool is stable and suitable for production use, having been extensively tested and used in various projects. You can find support and ask questions in the Gitter chat room or file issues on the GitHub repository.