Convenient Document Manipulation and REST API Building in Meteor - Mongo Document Methods & Restivus Package

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Feb 13th, 2015

Github repositories

  • rclai/meteor-document-methods

    Mongo Document Methods is a package that provides convenient methods for updating, duplicating, and removing documents in MongoDB collections. Instead of writing complex update queries, you can now use these methods to perform operations on individual documents. The package extends the functionality of collections by injecting these methods as collection helpers. It offers various methods such as `$set`, `$push`, `$pull`, `$addToSet`, and more. The package integrates with `dburles:collection-helpers` and supports callbacks for handling errors and results. It's a useful tool for simplifying document manipulation in Meteor applications.

  • kahmali/meteor-restivus

    Restivus is a package that simplifies the process of building REST APIs in Meteor 0.9.0+ by providing a simple interface for creating APIs, easy setup of CRUD endpoints for Mongo Collections, and user authentication via the API. It supports optional login and logout endpoints, role permissions for limiting access to specific endpoints, and API versioning via URL path. Planned features include JSON PATCH support on collections and pre and post hooks on all endpoints. The package can be installed using Meteor's package manager. Documentation and examples are provided to help developers get started.