Control PS4, Apple TV, and Create Responsive Designs with Python, Node, and React

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Aug 7th, 2017

Github repositories

  • dhleong/ps4-waker

    ps4-waker is a tool that allows you to wake your PS4 console over a local network using the Playstation App. It requires a PS4, the PS4 Second Screen App installed on your mobile device, and a computer, all connected to the same LAN. You can install ps4-waker globally with npm or execute it directly with Node. The tool provides various commands to wake your PS4, check its status, submit the on-screen keyboard, send remote key-press events, search for devices, put the device in standby mode, and start a specified title. It also offers a scripting API for finer control and integration with home automation systems. The tool simulates the connection handshake with the PS4 and uses a TCP protocol to communicate with the console. Please note that the usage of this code is at your own risk.

  • postlund/pyatv

    This asyncio Python library, pyatv, serves as a client library for Apple TV and AirPlay devices. It allows for remote control of Apple TVs and supports audio streaming to devices like HomePod and AirPort Express. Additionally, it can act as a remote control for the Music app/iTunes on macOS. The library offers various functionalities such as remote control commands, metadata retrieval with push updates, file streaming via AirPlay, and listing/launching installed apps. The documentation and installation instructions can be found at Explore the shortcuts provided for quick access to relevant resources.

  • yocontra/react-responsive

    React-responsive is an NPM package that provides media queries for creating responsive designs in React. It offers an easy-to-use module for handling media queries and is compatible with various browsers, including IE6 and above. The package supports both functional components with hooks and class components. It allows developers to construct media queries using camel-cased shorthands or properties, making it more idiomatic to React. The device settings can be overridden using the device prop, and the package also supports supplying device settings through a React Context. React-responsive provides options for testing and handling media query changes with callbacks. It offers a convenient way to create breakpoints for different devices and provides good browser support, with the option to use polyfills for wider compatibility.