Control Infrared Devices Seamlessly with LIRC-STATE-API and Homebridge-LIRC-Accessory

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Jun 14th, 2017

Github repositories

  • flochtililoch/lirc-state-api

    LIRC-STATE-API is a work-in-progress API designed to manipulate the states of infrared controlled devices such as TVs, fans, and speakers. The API utilizes LIRC for sending and receiving infrared signals and implements a javascript Finite-State Machine to track the changes in device states. It supports two types of states: linear and loop, representing different types of information changes. The API requires a configuration file specifying the devices, their states, and associated keys. Dependencies between states can also be defined. The API offers a HTTP REST interface for managing devices and their states.

  • flochtililoch/homebridge-lirc-accessory

    The homebridge-lirc-accessory is a plugin for Homebridge that allows you to control your infrared devices through HomeKit and Siri. It acts as a proxy for HomeKit requests and communicates with the lirc-state-api service. To configure the plugin, you need to have the lirc-state-api service running and set up with your desired devices and states. The example configuration provided demonstrates how to control a fan with power, air, and rotation settings.