Content Distribution and Creation with AI-Powered Platforms

Summary of my bookmarked links from Aug 11th, 2023


  • Content Distribution Platform | Automatically Repurpose Videos, Live Streams, and Podcasts »

    Easily enhance your online presence by repurposing content from various sources like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and more. Transform your material into optimized pieces for multiple platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and others, to expand your audience reach and engagement.

  • Who Is Syllaby For?

    Syllaby offers a quick and efficient solution for crafting social media content strategies. It helps you identify relevant topics for your industry across platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and Facebook Reels. The AI script generator takes the stress out of video scripting, and the content calendar ensures consistency. Syllaby simplifies the process, making it unnecessary to hire expensive agencies. It aids lawyers, doctors, agency owners, and any service-based business in creating engaging content. With transparent pricing options, including a free trial, Syllaby is a valuable tool for optimizing your social media presence.


    HeyGen revolutionizes video creation with AI-generated avatars and voices. Effortlessly produce high-quality videos for diverse needs, from sales outreach to content marketing. Choose from 100+ avatars, 300+ voices, and ready-to-use templates. Features include video translation, API integration, and a ChatGPT script writer. Users praise HeyGen's ease of use, realistic avatars, and time-saving capabilities. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, HeyGen empowers you to communicate your story effectively.