Container Loss in Wadden Region and a High-Performance Rust Framework for WebAssembly Front-Ends

Summary of my bookmarked videos and Github repositories from Oct 20th, 2021


  • MARIN - Follow-up research container loss Wadden

    The video discusses the investigation conducted by the Dutch Safety Board, in collaboration with Deltares research institute and MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands), regarding the loss of containers by the large containership MSC Zoe in January 2019. The investigation aimed to understand the causes of the container loss and explore preventive measures. Detailed calculations and simulations were performed, revealing that four phenomena, including roll resonance, ship grounding, green water impacts, and hull damage from breaking waves, could have led to the container loss. The findings emphasize the need for further research and consideration of different ship types to ensure safe operations in the area.

Github repositories

  • yewstack/yew

    Yew is a modern Rust framework for building multi-threaded front-end web applications with WebAssembly. It offers a macro for creating interactive HTML using Rust expressions, providing a familiar experience for developers familiar with JSX in React. Yew achieves high performance by minimizing DOM API calls and facilitating offloading processing to background web workers. It also supports JavaScript interoperability, allowing integration with NPM packages and existing JavaScript applications. Although Yew is not yet at version 1.0, contributions from developers of all backgrounds are welcome. The project provides various resources for learning, finding inspiration, getting help, and contributing to the codebase. Financial and code contributors are appreciated.