Common Sourdough Baking Mistakes and Essential Techniques for Success

Summary of my bookmarked videos and Github repositories from Jan 25th, 2020


  • 15 Mistakes Most Beginner Sourdough Bakers Make

    In this video, the host shares 15 common mistakes that beginner sourdough bakers often make. He emphasizes the importance of having a healthy, active sourdough starter and provides tips on maintaining it. The video also covers topics like autolysis, understanding baker's percentages, adjusting hydration levels, and knowing when to use the starter. The host demonstrates the stretch and fold process, bulk rise, and shaping of the dough. He offers guidance on achieving the right balance of stickiness and dryness in the dough and emphasizes the use of bench scrapers. Finally, he discusses the proofing stage using banneton baskets.

  • Richard Bertinet's slap and fold technique for bread

    Baker Richard Bertinet demonstrates the slap and fold technique for making bread. The method involves creating a wet and sticky dough, gradually incorporating air into it by stretching and folding. As the dough becomes smoother, it is worked consistently until it no longer sticks to the hands. A small amount of flour is added, and the dough is folded a few more times to achieve an even texture. The technique results in a lively and responsive dough with a high water content, ideal for baking. The dough is then left to rise for an hour before use.

Github repositories

  • PeterDaveHello/tor-socks-proxy

    Tor-socks-proxy is a Docker container that allows you to set up a Tor SOCKS5 proxy server quickly and easily. It does not include the relay/exit feature. You can find the Docker image on GitHub Container Registry or Docker Hub. To set up the proxy server, use the provided command, and make sure it runs on localhost. You can customize the port and expose Tor's DNS port if needed. Once running, configure your client to use the proxy server. To check your IP address via Tor, use curl with one of the provided IP checking services. To turn off the proxy, use the "docker stop" command. Tor automatically changes the circuit and renews the IP every 10 minutes. DNS over Tor is also supported. Remember to support the Tor project by setting up Tor bridge/exit nodes and donating to them.