Command Line Charts, Reactive Chaining and Simplifying Help Pages

Summary of my bookmarked Github repositories from Dec 29th, 2015

Github repositories

  • asmuth/clip

    clip is an open-source command line program and software library designed for creating data-driven illustrations and charts. It functions as an automated drawing program by reading a text file that describes the chart or diagram and generates an image based on the description. The program supports various features such as defining chart limits, axes, fonts, and colors. Examples and detailed documentation can be found on the website, including installation instructions and troubleshooting tips. clip is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

  • dburles/meteor-conduit

    Conduit is a functional API package for Tracker in Meteor. It offers basic and advanced usage examples. In the basic usage, the package logs the current user document to the console whenever it changes. The advanced usage showcases working with a Meteor subscription, allowing you to set a limit and log the subscription readiness. Additionally, Conduit enables watching a Minimongo cursor, where you can fetch data from a collection based on certain criteria and update the state accordingly. The package provides an API with input, source, and output functions, and it offers functions like stop and update. Conduit is licensed under MIT.

  • tldr-pages/tldr

    tldr-pages is a project that offers simplified help pages for command-line tools, serving as a user-friendly alternative to traditional man pages. It provides practical examples and is accessible through various clients, including Node.js, Python, and web-based options. Users can contribute by adding new commands, examples, or translations. Similar projects, such as Command Line Interface Pages, Cheat,, devhints, eg, kb, navi, and bropages, also offer command-line resources. The name "tldr" is derived from the internet abbreviation TL;DR, meaning "Too Long; Didn't Read." For more information, refer to How-To Geek's article.